BALI: Explore & Chill in 4 days

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY”

One of the best and most evocative places to visit in Southeast Asia: Bali, Indonesia.

I’ve always loved the saying, “The world has so much to offer,” ‘cos it indeed has so much beauty that we don’t deserve.

Bali is an Indonesian Island and it’s known for its turquoise beaches, volcanic mountains, bountiful rice paddies and vegetation, historical and religious sites as well as beautiful Villas.  Besides being the largest archipelago in the world, it is also filled with significant geological and cultural diversity which is quite fascinating for someone who enjoys traveling. So, if you’re aiming to embark on a journey filled with culture, pristine nature as well as spiritual fulfillment, then this island can truly satisfy your wandering soul.

There are places in Bali that are mostly visited by tourists and these are Seminyak, Ubud and its neighboring islands, Nusa Penida.

Since it’s been quite some time since I last visited this place,  I would like to relive that same “Balinese” life I’ve been aching to experience in a span of 4 days.

My itinerary is not that packed because I wanted to take my time exploring and relaxing instead together with my friends and my boyfriend.

I want to start off this blog by sharing where we stayed in Bali.

Below is a sneak peak of our romantic, beautiful villa which you can book via AIRBNB. The place is called “Villa Buddha” and it’s located in Seminyak. It has 5 bedrooms with baths and can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. This is so perfect especially if you’re travelling in groups!

Check out this massive and relaxing pool. (A pool where you could swim all of your worries away. Haha.)

Also, if relaxing is in your list, do you think these seats look comfy while basking under the sun? It sure is!

Let’s not forget that peaceful ambiance while being surrounded by nature. It feels as though I have woken up in paradise.

It truly is a magical experience upon reaching our destination, but let’s not forget the journey as well.

Since we took an early morning flight, we felt a bit drained upon arriving at Bali. So right after checking in, we did some unpacking, took a short nap, then took advantage of the amenities provided by the breathtaking Villa Buddha.

Again, the itinerary we made isn’t jam-packed where you have to cut your time short in a beautiful place just to get to the next one by running after buses and missing the beautiful sunset in the process. This trip is all about savoring the beautiful place of Bali.

Here’s  our 4 day itinerary and photo diary of our recent trip to Bali made by yours truly.

Hunger knocked on our stomachs so soon so we headed into one of their well-known restaurants not merely because of its eye-candy and Instagram-worthy design and ambiance but because of its mouth-watering food.


Motel Mexicola is popularly known for its exceptional eye candy ambiance which makes every corner of it a photo worthy spot.

I just can’t stop with my: “This is my last shot, please bear with me,” line.

Why? They did such an amazing job with their interior! Not just that, we had two rounds of Tacos ‘cos it was crazy delectable!

It’s best to visit here during day for good lightning which can be a huge plus for photo ops and yes, grab something to bite and sip.

If you’re a night person, it’s best for those who want to dance their night away.

“Cheers to more exciting adventures!”

You could tell in our faces how much we enjoyed feasting our eyes as well as our tummies in this place.

After tasting their sumptuous food and taking photos around this huge “eye-candy place,” I mean, restaurant, we decided to head to another restaurant that is also popular with their interior and smoothie bowls.

Smoothie bowls are one of the “must-try” delicacies here in Bali and one of the best is found in


I first found out about this place after looking at cute photos from people who had visited Bali.

It has a wall with leaves with a line that says: “Another day in paradise.”

Some photos even have personalized smoothie bowls.

After few more searches, I finally found out that both the cute wall and the personalized smoothies can be found in this place so I made sure to add this place in my itinerary so I won’t forget to visit it. What’s even more interesting is that it’s just near Motel Mexicola.

The cool part of this place is being able to personalize your smoothie bowls by having the fruit toppings carved into letters (with a maximum of 8 letter). You can change it to some words like “Bali Baby,” “Bali Vibe,” or anything that pops up in your mind.

In my case, I combined my name with my boyfriend’s name: “Angel Bry”

The taste was as great as how the food looks and I’m not kidding!

Tip: If you want to get a seat on that wall, I suggest you visit around dead hours between 3-5pm. However, I cannot assure that you the smoothie bowls won’t run out. They usually run out after 2pm.

It’s another day in paradise indeed!
When he smiles :>


No one leaves Bali without eating, chilling, drinking, and relaxing by the beach.


Described as best ‘chill-out’ venue.

This place is one of the most popular and most visited place in Seminyak and it is known for the best view of the sunset.

This is the place where you can pretty much spend hours without getting bored! Good music, good ambiance, and good drinks.

All you need to find is good company!

For me, the best time to go here is around 4:30pm.

If you want a table, you’ll have to do an early booking for that. Also, check the time of sunset on the day you’re visiting so you won’t miss the astonishing sunset of Bali.

When the golden hour is approaching, I suggest to take a walk by the beach.

I swear, the reflection of the sunset to the shore is mesmerizing.

I also took a short walk by the shore going to W Resort. It’s a nice place to eat and chill, too.

Check out that cool architecture and awesome view!

Here’s the sunset shot I’ve been aiming to have.

After sunset, we headed back to our Villa, enjoyed the amenities a little bit more and retired early in the night. It was quite exhausting but totally worth it.

Here’s DAY 2 in our itinerary.

Started our second day with a good meal.


This restaurant is located in Canggu area, one of the popular places in Bali that is slowly getting busy.

If you want to put aside all the busy vibe that the city brings, step into this restaurant and it will surely help you unwind.

They have a huge variety that will surely treat everyone’s taste buds from local delicacies to smoothie bowls. Milu is a perfect place for any time of the day, may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I tried their Tropical Mango Smoothie bowl and it instantly became my favorite.

 I promise, you have to try all of them!


It was a sunny day so I screamed for ICE CREAM!


This place is popularly known for their cold treats and an instagrammable spot; a tiled wall with a one liner: “Ice Ice Baby” written on it.

This local ice cream shop serves all-vegan, coconut-based artisanal tropical flavored ice cream popsicles. They also offer a variety of flavors of ice cream.

Some of those that I remember are: Coconut Strawberry Swirl (the one I ordered), Raspberry Coconut, Coconut Stracciatella, Salted Caramel and a lot more.

You can choose whether you’ll have it by cone or cup but for a sweet tooth like me, I’d prefer a sweet and edible finish so I got the Coconut Strawberry Swirl with a cone as I mentioned before.

I like how the sweetness of the strawberry blends perfectly with the creamy well blended taste of the coconut.

You’ll never even feel that it’s all-vegan.

I failed to take photos of the place and their selections of ice cream ‘cos I only had a short time to spend in here so I made sure I’ll have that perfect shot on this perfect spot.







Afterwards, we headed back to the Villa to rest a bit and also changed into a more beach vibe outfit since we will head again to catch another sunset in Bali in a different spot.



Another perfect spot to enjoy the sunset and chill by the beach. If you’re looking for  place to feel the ocean breeze and enjoying a wide view of the shore while you sit comfortably as you sip on a good drink, then this is a perfect place for your to visit.

That perfect scenery of the beach before you while you lay underneath colorful umbrellas in comfortable bean bags as you raise a cup of drink and give cheers to life while witnessing the blue sky turning red is no longer a dream since you could enjoy all that in this place.

You could definitely say: “This is the life”


After witnessing the dreamy Bali sunset by La Plancha while sipping a cool drink and having  random talks with my boyfriend, we decided to have an early dinner in one of the places that his friend recommended:


We ordered two burgers, Original Gangster and Al Capone  and Truffle, porcini & parmesan fries!

The serving is pretty large and it really made it to our (well, particularly Bryan’s) “Foods to eat in Bali” list.

Some shots I took around the burger joint.




This day, we decided to take a day trip to another popular but less busy and more nature friendly environment, Ubud.


We chose this as our first stop because we wanted to witness the sunrise on this place. Not to mention that this is also famous for its abundant rice paddies.

This place isn’t just popular to tourists but to painters and nature lovers as well.

I can’t even imagine there can be a paradise like this on a roadside. Yes, it’s located on a high roadside in Ubud. You can take photos from there or you can opt to climb down and live in the moment.


(drone shot by Bryan Liu)




Second stop is not just a “go to place” in Bali but one of the popular “things to do” in Ubud too.


Try to search Bali and I’m pretty sure there will be a photo of a person on a swing with a breathtaking view of nature.

Of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance to feel the cool breeze crashing on me while I swing out on the edge to meet the majestic view.

I’m not that sure which “Bali Swing” I visited since apparently, they have a lot of swings according to our driver but he brought us to a pretty nice one where there were several swings, nests, and huge rocks to take photos with. The entrance fee also came with a free buffet lunch.


Bali is also known for its religious sites so we paid one a visit. We were supposed to visit Goa Gajah but the rain poured so we just visited a nearby one that was suggested by our driver.


We cannot enter the temple itself as all the other Balinese temples, so what you can see here is actually outside the temple.

You will see a fair sized pond filled with fishes and lily pads which you can walk across over the walkway that cuts through the middle of the pond.

In the entrance of the temple, you will see a the facade of the temple which for me is a great place to take photos too! You can’t really walk up all the way to the stairs so I just took half a step going up for photo ops!




This place captured not just my eyes but my heart as well while I was doing my research about Bali.

“If living in a beautiful bamboo villa is something you’ve been dreaming of, why not experience it yourself?” and so I needed to experience or at least get a glimpse at it.

It’s such an exceptional villa made with luxurious bamboo and you  can rent it out via AIRBNB.

I didn’t stay over in one of their villas (I wish I did) and so I had to pay for a

tour fee to visit 3 Villas that are not being occupied as of that moment.

I was really mesmerized with the interior considering it’s 90% made of bamboo along with the nature surrounding you. Not to mention the beautiful sight of the bamboo forest, the river valley, the permaculture garden, or the cacao grove.

You can check all their villas through their website:

Hopped on a boat to explore another gem in Bali.


You can have a day trip or have a slice of island life and stay in the island; whichever suits your itinerary.

In our case, we took a day trip, which I think was a mistake ‘cos we had so limited time to enjoy the beautiful island!

A trip to Nusa Penida is an another experience of exploring nature, rough terrain and even underwater.

Spots that we visited are Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach and Kelingking Beach since we only had limited time considering the rough thin roads and traffic in the island.

Get ready for a bit of hike under the sun because every step and sweat are worth it! After all of the hard work, you will be rewarded with such a view.

Just watching the water crash into the rough terrain is such an exceptional experience!

We were supposed to have a chill time in Crystal Beach where you can swim and chill but unfortunately, we were short in time and had to be back to the port to catch the last boat back to Bali at around 4pm.

Although we haven’t been in this place for too long, I could suggest that you should stay over in the island to really experience it.

So that’s basically how I spent 4 days of my trip to Bali without rushing from one place to another and more of really experiencing what the place has to offer.  I have truly enjoyed my short time in Bali and this has left me feeling nostalgic one more. Frankly,  this isn’t the end of my trip and I’d certainly come back again!

For those who want to experience that “Balinese” feeling, you’re welcome to use my itinerary anytime! 

Closing this blogpost with my favourite shot, a Bali Sunset photo.

Bali is certainly a “must” getaway for those who wanted to relax and ease their worries as well as to enjoy life while experiencing city and nature vibe all at the same time. What’s even better is the “Balinese” feeling that will accompany you for life.

It’s definitely a trip that you deserve in order to come back home revitalized.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a ticket to this island and feel the magic in it for yourself!

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Keep exploring, dreaming and discovering new things and remember: There’s always no place like home!


[Photographed by Bryan Liu]

Xoxo, Angel