My first blog about Beauty Products!! ♥

How’d you love it if you could “TRY before you BUY”? Well, that’s why I’m here! To tell you how the products are!

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These products of beautification came in my mail the other day! They gave me all sorts of products! Some for my body skin, my face, lips, and everyone’s worst enemy.. Pimples!! *ugh* HAHA!




ZENUTRIENTS is known to be one of the brands that produces natural products. They bring nature alive in every product that they make.

I, myself, have had the opportunity to use two of their products. Their Ginger RX Oil, and their Soothing Epsom Salt with Green Tea.

Ginger RX Oil is best for headache. If you feel like the coughs and colds are building up, simply rub it on and it will relieve you. Oh and did I mention that the smell of ginger was just soothing! To all of you who don’t like the scent of ginger, I ask you to try this, it will change your mind about it.

Smoothing Epsom Salt with Green Tea is in one of the Zenutirent’s spa treatment. This glittery product contains mineral salts that will free your blackheads and whiteheads, unclog pores and for the body it contributes to muscle pains.


GODIVA Natural Skin Care LicoWhite Whitening Facial Toner with Liconin Extract is best for normal to dry skin. I love this product ‘cos there are only few face products that could go for dry skin like mine. Having a product that could help for whiter skin is good but what’s good with this product is that it also even outs your skin tone at the same time.DSCF6671

HIMALAYA Herbals Purridying neem Face Wash is a soap free product but surely will cleanse your face in a gentle way and removes the excess oil for your face. With using this everyday, you can prevent pimples and you can achieve a problem free skin!DSCF6667

SHISEIDO White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion is the perfect cream for me after my face bath. Personally, SHISEIDO is one of my favorite brands in terms of make up and skin care. They’re one of the few brands that can go along with my sensitive dry skin.

BURT’S BEES for my fingertips! I have dry cuticles. Well, maybe it’s because of my frequent nail cleaning sessions, that’s why these products really helped me  a lot and I love the smell!DSCF6675

NIVEA body UV Whitening Serum

I just love the scent of this body lotion! It smells so refreshing and we all don’t just want good smell but we also want to protect our skin that’s why this body lotion is so PERF ‘cos it has SPF 25! It has extra cell repair and protects your skin while you go your agenda’s everyday!


These are everything I received from these two! Thank you! ♥DSCF6628 copyWebsite: