Love dogs but can’t own one? On a free cut and a regular coffee place is too boring for you?

Well, I’ve got a surprise for you!

I’ve discovered a very unique and cute way to spend your time on!

It’s located along Katipunan and it’s super easy to find just use waze!


Before you can play with the dogs, you must buy any of the following in the picture below! Just 180 pesos and you get to spend 3 whole hours with any dog you want and you get to enjoy their milktea! Its basically a win-win for you! ♥♥♥


BUT FIRST! Here are the Rules and Regulations guys!

Here weee go! Beyond this fence is the dog area! I’m about to show you photos of the dogs and my favorite one! ♥DSCF0681

You can sit, drink, play, study and take a photo with them! Afraid of big dogs? No worries, they don’t bite! And to secure everyone’s safety there are 2-3 dog carers inside to make sure every customer’s is having a good and safe time.DSCF0630

There are 15 dogs inside, adorably small and big dogs!

First stop!!! This little one, i never wanted to let go of this tiny toy poodle, BONNIE! ♥♥♥ She’s one of the cutest and my favorite!!!
DSCF0669Shih Tzu’s! I love them so much and I even one for my in my house. These two are so adorable ‘cos they’re always together! And the black one loves to play with my hair!! ♥♥♥DSCF0640

Here comes the two giant Golden Retrievers!!! They are also very makulit and nakakagigiiiil!!!!! They kept on playing with my jacket! hahaha!♥DSCF0608While everyone’s busy with their own pet picks, I saw this lonely Shih Tzu, I found his’ color soo adorable!♥♥♥DSCF0649

LOOKIEEE A HUSKEEEH!! His name is Skye!!!! I couldn’t get him ‘cos he’s sleeping. *missing our husky who just died* Take a look at that face…. so handsome!!♥♥♥DSCF0645

Here’s another tiny dog inside, a Yorkie!!! Look at him, he just looks so innocent! Kagigiiil! ♥DSCF0674

HAHAHA! I’m just gonna share this photo, he finally got tired of playing! haha! This dog is one of the most playful ones in the dog area! Wawa doggie! ♥♥♥DSCF0654

There are more dogs to look forward to in Barkin’ Blends, not to mention their milk tea tasted good aswell, your 180 pesos is all worth it! ♥


What are you waiting for dog lovers!? Now’s the time to bark bark bark and get going Barkin’ Blends Cafe!! ♥♥♥


Barkin’ Blends

91 Rosa Alvero Street, J&R Concon Centre, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines