Cashless Transactions with PayMaya ‘s QR Code


Beach activities and food trips are now just a scan away in La Union with PayMaya!

If you believe that life’s meant for good friends and great adventures then this blog post is for you!

No credit card? It’s probably difficult to even get your hands on one and what’s even worse is that constant nagging feeling you get out of fear that you might get scammed or the thought of being caught in a web of debt.

Fear not, for you can now enjoy worry-free shopping, dining-in to your favorite restaurants, doing fun activities and paying bills with cashless transactions via Smart PayMaya.

“Yes, the future has arrived and it’s right inside your pocket!”











So, what exactly is Smart PayMaya? It’s a digital prepaid wallet where users can link their virtual and physical card. To put it simply, it’s like a combination of a mobile wallet, a debit card, and a beep card all in a single platform. Cool, isn’t it?

 Besides having a document-free application, you don’t need to strictly meet certain terms and conditions to be able to have one as well.  Not to mention it saves us from that frustrating part of being rejected.

It’s definitely a leap forward towards a future with less hassle transactions.

PayMaya Philippines also guarantees secure and safe transactions as well since it will protect you like credit card companies take care of their clients.

You can easily have this getaway lifesaver by simply creating a PayMaya account and linking it to your mobile number that can be accessed through the mobile application or your actual card. You can easily top up your PayMaya account in any of the over 15,000 touchpoints nationwide, which include Smart Stores, SM Malls Business Centers, Robinson’s Department Stores, UnionBank ATMs, 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq Kiosks, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers, as well as online banking via BDO and UnionBank.

The application also provides a breakdown of all your transactions so you will never lose track of them.

Once you’ve created an account, load it up, and you’re good to go! You just have to spot Smart PayMaya’s QR code, scan it, enter the amount you’re paying for and voila! All done!

Last April 2018, I personally tried Smart PayMaya in one of the “go-to” weekend places in Manila. La Union! Yes, Smart PayMaya is available in La Union. From the first time I heard about it, I was like “I can finally enjoy the beach without worrying where to keep or hide my cash!” AND yes, I did enjoy my beach experience in La Union just by simply spotting and scanning Smart PayMaya’s QR code through the mobile application.

One of my personal favorite food and spot in La Union where I spotted Smart PayMaya’s QR code is in Makai Bowls. It’s crazy how hassle-free it is to pay for my food without going through my wallet at all. Plus, I don’t even have to worry if I have enough cash on hand.

With PayMaya, no more rummaging through your bags, no more wallets or cash getting soiled or sand all over them and best of all, you don’t get to worry about your cash getting stolen. It’s all done digitally in the most astonishing way!

It’s definitely a huge lifesaver to make the most of your getaways.

All you have to think about is: How to make the most out of your trip with your loved ones?

Here’s to more adventures and less-worry-kind-of getaways!















If you would like to know more about Smart PayMaya, click here.