Unicorn fan like me?

Sharing a photo diary of my 25th birthday filled with Unicorn dreams!

I started to love unicorns when I met (well, watched) Agnes from Despicable Me shouting “It’s so fluffy i’m gonna die!” I just can’t forget that scene so I turned into a Unicorn!!! I mean a Unicorn fan.

I’ve always dreamt of celebrating something with Unicorn filled place, especially when there’s so much links containing Unicorns went viral. My special someone made my dream come true when I turned 25.

I’ll be sharing photos of how my 25th Dreamy Unicorn Birthday looked it!

It’s so dreamy right??? I just came from a training that day, I was so pissed that I had to spend my birthday in training but I came home to thissssss!

Received different Unicorn gifts from family and friends but this one’s my favourite! Gabby (my boyfriend) made this from scratch with messages from my loved ones written on it! I didn’t know my Baba (my boyfriend) can be this artistic (talo ako! haha! I CANNOT!!!!!)

Let’s not forget my oh so pretty cakes! Both are made by Sweet Kiss Custom Cakes! They’re not just pretty but also taste heavenly! Giving you a closer look of the cakes!

(cake topper made by Gabby & sparkle candle (2 & 5) from Coles, Sydney)

No bad feelings when my age increased that day ‘cos it felt like it decreased with this celebration! It wouldn’t be all possible without Gabby’s love for me!

SO MUCH LOVE FROM THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!!!! He organized e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and even turned into a Unicorn for me!!!! Thank you baba!!! I love you to bits!!

And of course to my family and household people who were there to help Gabby, sent some love and gifts and surprised me too!!!

I know this post should only contain my Unicorn celebration but allow me to share some special photos from my 25th birthday too! My 25th birthday wasn’t just about my DREAMY UNICORN celebration but also my DREAM BIRTHDAY GIFT! (ahhh so thankful!)

My parent’s gave me the best present (next to their love & support) of my life so far!!!         A FREAKING CAR!!!! Why oh why oh why! Lord, thank YOU for the blessing of my parents!

A photo op with the best mom beside my dream car! (insert Dad in the photo who was in the province that time)

And of course with my 2 brothers (jacob & CJ) who did all the research and shizz to find the perfect car for me!!! AAAAH!!! I love you guys!

(Birthday dinner at NIU by Vikings)

Cheers to getting old but feeling young! 

xoxo, Angel