Hello 2018

2017 lifted me high enough to see life in a bigger and clearer picture. It made me dig deeper in order to find myself before the world took over.

I realized so many things – some that brought joy, and some that caused pain. There are things that are meant to be kept or mended and some are meant to be just accepted on how it is. But nevertheless, I still do not regret anything as these are all lessons learned that led me to who I am now. 2017 taught me to get through bad times and keep looking for better ones.

2018 is a clean state. A collection of days not yet trodden, another shot at attempting to get things right.

This 2018, I would like to live by 3 things:

First, life balance. It’s not the time to hold back my dreams, nor to rush in to new ideas. It’s about dedicating my time to setting better & more realistic goals, and achieving them one step at a time. To work harder but not allow work to take over my life. To love but to love for the right reasons.

Second, to remember that you are your own. Walk independently and live authentically. Life is a path that we all have to take with our eyes blindfolded, we won’t ever know what life will throw at us but I won’t lose sight of who I am and that I’m worthy and capable of reaching my own dreams and goals. I am a thousand times enough no matter where life puts me. I won’t let the world define me, I am my own universe.

Third, accept and let go – rules of life. There’s no other constant thing in this world but change. Accept what comes and allowing it to leave when it’s time. Yes, great losses are hard to forget but it will surely carve us into a better creature. What’s for me will be for me effortlessly.

Nonetheless, I always want remember that I have a God whom I can seek not just on my mundane periods, or when things are hard and too much to bear, but even more on my greatest moments. Life is full of ups and downs but God is greater than those.

So here we are, on to face a new chapter of our lives. It’s always the cliché: new year, new me. But maybe, it’s more of the idea that we are always given a chance to get better, and to correct what went wrong in the previous year. And you know that, that’s comforting to know that we can always renew and not to be stuck in the dark.

Time to dust of all the negativity. Here’s to taking on new adventures, connecting with good people, learning new things, and becoming stronger. I hope you too will have the strenght to start over.

2018, I’m ready.

Xoxo, Angeline