The UNICORN Dream Café

When they say…

Life is all about Rainbows and Unicorns

I literally meant Rainbows and unicorns kind of day!

If you know me well, you would know how I fell in love with Unicorns and you wouldn’t be surprised that I love pink, pastels, rainbows, glitters and unicorns!

As a little girl, I’ve always believed that there are unicorns living somewhere over the rainbow and after seeing this place, I could definitely say that they do exist in all sorts!

Late last year, I had a heart breaking moment when a Unicorn Café in Bangkok went viral right after my tour ended. I thought I wouldn’t be able to experience the magic until people started tagging and sending me links of a Unicorn Café in Baguio.

That’s when I realized that it’s still not too late. Like any excited kid would when invited to visit a magical place, I immediately called anyone who’s game for it and rushed to my dreamland.

The UNICORN Dream Café is located in Baguio. It is a 4 hour and 30 minute drive from Metro Manila.

Talk about a long ride but there’s always rainbows after the rain, right?

So let me start spreading some rainbows and glitters!

As I entered my dreamland, I first saw this cute and interesting sign that says “Unicorn Parking Only” coupled with a funny line of violators being turned into rainbows. With such a cute sign like that, guests would definitely rush in to take a peek.

Let’s not forget the cherry blossom trees around it, too.

The first time I saw it, that’s when I realized that I found my perfect spot right away!

Check out the colorful backdrop behind me. The beautiful bright colors blending altogether gives a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Plus, the unicorn-designed pillows are just so fluffy I’m gonna die!! (Credits to Despicable me’s ‘Agnes’)

I stood there like a little kid (well , just like Agnes of Despicable Me, specifically) and stared on every corner.

Everything was so whimsical. From the unicorn painted walls, to the dreamy ceiling, princess chairs (which I wanted to bring home), cloud-printed tables, pastel, unicorn decorations and their eye candy food!

They have unique Unicorn pieces that were so cute that I can’t even handle. I wish I know where to find them so I can fill my room with those as well! This is unicorn paradise and I certainly feel like I truly belong here!

Found a spot in the café to take this shot, it was indeed a dreamy place to be.

They also have a variety of headpieces for their Unicorn customers to wear to give a fanciful experience and for picture perfect shots!

So, a little back story, we drove all the way to Baguio City around 3 in the afternoon and we arrived around 7:32 pm. Just 2 minutes after their cut off, too (they close at 8:00pm).

Good thing the owner was there (I didn’t get her name though)

She allowed us to stay but since they were already cleaning up the kitchen, we can only order drinks (too bad) but nonetheless, I am really grateful for her to let us experience wonderland even for just a limited time!

Too bad I wasn’t able to try their food and see for myself how cute they would be on rainbow plates coupled with unicorn horns on top of it, cupcakes, ice cream, and so on (heartbreaking).

Moving on, I ordered 3 premium milkshakes instead!

..and yea, I brought my brother along with me and turned him into a Unicorn too. Such an #instabrother!

(Green is Avocado, Blue is Bubblegum, Pink is Strawberry)

Their milkshake is definitely a must try especially for a sweet tooth like me!

The adorable and creative toppings really made this milkshake extra special but I could definitely say that the burst of sweetness accompanied by the creamy texture made my taste buds go wild as though I just tasted the rainbow itself.

Seriously, it was worth every peso and I would definitely come back to experience this heavenly beverage once more!

I could say that I truly enjoyed the drinks coupled with the heavenly sight of different kinds of unicorns in all shapes and sizes.

The UNICORN Dream Café brought me to dreamland in an instant, Magical as I would describe! I felt like I’ve just walked into wonderland.

The experience surely made my belief in unicorns, fairies and mermaids stronger. Lol! It was a short and sweet stay for me, my best friend and my brother.

If you’re ready to experience the taste of wonderland, this should be added to your bucket list!

What are you waiting for? Join the unicorn craze! 😀

The UNICORN Dream Café

0905 100 4456

 Marand Nest bldg. Bonifacio st., Corner Sumulong ,, Baguio City,  2600